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November 10, 2021


CoMO seminars: Best practice in pre-clinical animal research: Navigating the guidelines and principles

Preclinical studies using animal models are an integral part of biomedical research. However, their value is dependent on their scientific validity and reproducibility, which are, in turn, dependent on rigorous study design and reporting. This symposium aims to update on the guidelines developed and recommended for achieving robust research output. More information here.

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November 10, 2021


Aalto University Research Services Organises a Webinar Series on Research Data Management and Open Science in Autumn 2021


The webinars, aimed at university staff and students, are open to everyone. Participation is free. No previous knowledge needed.



Irrespective of their discipline, sound skills in research data management are becoming more and more important to researchers and students. Data management plans are increasingly required by funders, and researchers urgently need data management and open science skills to enhance the impact of their research. Everyone working with data needs to have knowledge in data storage and organisation. Safe ways of processing data are particularly important to those working with personal data or other kind of confidential data.


Aalto University Research Services organises a series of hands-on webinars, which focus on the following topics:


  • How do I safely process personal data? How can I anonymise it?  

  • How do I write an effective data management plan?   

  • How do I safely store my data in network drives and cloud services?  

  • How do I share my data?   

  • How do I use version control systems like GitHub?  

  • How do I make my research more reproducible and reusable?


In addition, specific aspects of open science and research data management will be discussed, for instance, research data in the visual arts, working with restricted datasets, and current trends in academic publishing.


April 21, 2021


CoMO seminars: Rigor, re­pro­du­cib­il­ity and data man­age­ment in non­clin­ical research

Representatives from EQIPD, the IMI project in European Quality in Preclinical Data, the University of Helsinki and the UK Reproducbility Network UKRN will discuss the status and ways of improvement of scientific rigor and quality in preclinical research. More information here.

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