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The Finnish Reproducibility Network welcomes its latest  Node, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, FIMM, at the University of Helsinki.  Dimitrios Tsallos will be the Node representative. From the time of the inception of FIRN, FIMM has been an exceptional supporter of its acitivities, underlining its efforts of maintaining highest scientific standards. 


The Best Negative Data Prize is a collaboration between ECNP and U.S.-based non-profit research organisation Cohen Veterans Bioscience, under the aegis of the Global Preclinical Data Forum(GPDF), to recognise published 'negative' scientific results or results of studies that do not confirm the expected outcome or original hypothesis.
The award is conferred at the 35th ECNP Congress, 15-18 October 2022, Vienna, Austria and comes with a EUR 10,000 prize provided by Cohen Veterans Bioscience.

For more details and how to apply: APPLY HERE
Deadline: 30 April 2022


The Finnish Reproducibility Network is very happy to be able to welcome the  latest  Stakeholder, the  Biocenter Finland. The mission of Biocenter Finland is to offer open-access services to cutting-edge technologies and support ground-breaking life science and biomedical research, innovation and industry-academia collaboration throughout Finland.


Norway has established its Reproducibility Network, which is accesssible via

EU-ERIC report cover page.png

The ERIC Forum report on Quality Management and Reproducibility in Academic Research provides an overview of the factors limiting reproducibility and the quality of academic research, and presents possible solutions and change in research practices that could lead to improvements. Observations made in the present report are drawn from an online workshop organised by ERIC. Observations made in the present report are drawn from an online workshop organised by ERIC Forum Project WP3 (Operations, Administration, HR and Finance of ERICs) lead EATRIS-ERIC, on February 10-11 2021, and include contributions from UKRN and participants from FIRN and EQIPD.


The MAQC Society Announces Publication of Next-Gen Sequencing Best Practice Articles in Nature Biotechnology

Collection showcases resources and recommendations to enhance sequencing reproducibility in the context of biology, health, and medicine.

(A. Scherer from the FIRN Steering Group is co-author on several publications)

Nature Biotechnology, 09/2021

Official press release

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LongPlay´s Anu Silfverberg Interviews FIRN´s Vootele Vöikar
on the Reproducibility Crisis in: "Niin Totta Kuin Osaamme"
(in Finnish only)

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